Vintage Schwinn Bicycles Beginners Guide

24th February 2011
All vintage bicycle collector would be excited with the supplement of vintage schwinn bicycles. A cursory Google search reveals the respect with which this brand is held. The Schwinn brand is in fact one of the grand classics of American bicycle hist... Read >

Pike Fishing Lures Review

08th February 2009
In this article I will give you a quick review of the most acknowledged pike lures when it comes to pike crankbaits or pike wobblers as some will call them. The Zalt Wobbler The Zalt wobbler came on the market in the early 90`s with its modern design.... Read >

Barbie Doll History

08th September 2008
Barbie doll or most often just called Barbie, is a registered trademark of a toy doll from the American toy company Mattel. Since 1959 has been sold massive amounts of barbie dolls in a number of variations all over the world. The doll is made of plastic ... Read >